Sigma complete Brush Set Review & Coupon Code

As mentioned in an older post, I’ve ordered the Sigma Complete Kit in December. I’ve always heard good things about Sigma’s products and even though I have a couple of make up brushes (mostly Drugstore brands) I’ve decided to invest in some better ones. I never got into MAC brushes and honestly never even thought of spending that much money.

Sigma Brushes are not available in stores but they have a great online store. The website is very easy too navigate and you are able to get a very close view of the brushes. They only have a US website but they ship internationally.

I didn’t order the Brush roll that Sigma offers just because I don’t think I would necessarily need it. The shipping was very fast (ordered on 12/21 – delivered 12/24) and the Brushes came in a cute little bag that I’m still using to carry them around.

I’ve been using the brushes almost every day so far and made my first impressions.

Foundation Brush F60:
+ great for cream based foundations
+ no shedding
+ blends well

Duo Fibre Brush F50:
+ good for liquid foundation
+ blends well
– sheds during washing and using

Large Powder Brush F30
+ great size
– sheds during washing and using

Large angled contouring Brush F40
+ great for Blush & contouring
+ no shedding
+ blends well
+ soft

Tapered Blending Brush E40
+ soft
+ no shedding
+ blends colors well

Large Shader Brush E60
+ great size
+ no shedding
+ soft bristles

Concealer Brush F70
+ no shedding during using or washing
+ great to work in concealer
+ stiff buy not too hard

Medium angled Shading Brush E70
+ no shedding
+ soft
+ great for crease

Eye Shading E55
+ no shedding
+ great for pigments and blending eyeshadow

Pencil Brush E30
+ no shedding
+ best for applying eyeshadow in the crease or on the waterline
– could be softer

Small Angle Brush E65
+ no shedding
– too big
– not very angled

Eyeliner Brush E05
+ no shedding
+ extra fine tip

My favorite brushes are the Foundation Brush, Blending Brush, Large Shader Brush, Concealer Brush, Pencil Brush and the Eye Shading Brush. My least favorite ones are the Powder Brush and the the Duo Fibre Brush. I love the size of the Powder Brush and that the Duo Fibre Brush blends in the Make up very well but I just don’t like the shedding.

Overall I would definitely recommend the brushes. As I said, I don’t have the comparison to MAC Brushes but I’ve heard many people favoring the Sigma Brushes and not just because of the price.

Sigma currently offers 10% off your complete order. Just use 0112XJML at the checkout until January 31


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